Tuesday, December 2, 2008


He just learned how to crawl about a month ago and he loves all things danger. Power cords are his absolute favourite. That and wicker hampers as illustrated below.

Unfortunately, with crawling comes falling. And I haven't quite got used to this yet. Case in point, Rowan took a spill for the first time a few days ago, and when he started to cry I started to bawl hysterically. James was stunned and Rowan was shocked into silence. After getting a lecture from James on how NOT to react when a child takes a tumble, Rowan fell down again five minutes later and I, like a broken record, when into hysterics mode. Folks, this was not one of my finer moments believe me. James looks at me and starts laughing. Which makes me cry harder. Now I swear, the husband, my child and my pug are all looking at me like I am nuts. Which I guess I am. Nuts. This certainly qualifies me, doesn't it?! If Lola could talk she probably would have told me to take my meds. And James, being the super smart man that he is, thought it I am sure but chose to remain silent. After the "incident", James followed Rowan around the entire night, making sure there were no spills, as mommy was in a fragile state. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously...


clare b said...

Am lovin them big blue eyes. I'd cry too if I witnessed him stackin it. Such a handsome little face.

Mama Marks said...

what's that quote? "When you become a mum, your heart lives outside your body" - welcome to the club, almost 16 years later i'm still the same ... and we wouldn't want it any other way.

And yes Clare, those eyes!

Anonymous said...

oh you are so so sweet.
toughen up you old broad!