Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blow to the ego

So i am perusing Facebook the other day, and I come across this link to an application where you upload a picture of yourself and it tells you what celebrity you look like. I am pumped! I choose a photo, all the while talking to James. The conversation goes something like this:

Michelle: James check this out. I wonder what celebrity I look like.

James: Probably Isla Fisher (the hot red head from Wedding Crashers. Australian and friggin beautiful. I love my husband. Like a lot....

Michelle: Acting all aloof. Oh, that would be cool.

Michelle: What the F*CK! Slams computer shut.

James: What, what did it say?

Michelle: That my celebrity match is Tom Cruise!


Mama Marks said...

LOL, too funny and SO wrong! I'm with James on this one - red hot Isla Fisher look-alike it is! You should try it again when you have THE Thailand photos!

tara whitney said...

not eeeeeeeevan!!!