Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I gave up trying to take the perfect picture of Rowan sometime ago. Too much pressure. I also have learned that I much prefer the imperfect, real moments. You know, the one with snot dripping out of his nose, drool covering his shirt and a food stained mouth. Him being silly, because he is a silly boy. These are all the things that remind me of Rowan. These are the things that I want to remember when he gets older. I think it is easy nowadays to photoshop the personality right out of photos. Skin is perfect, teeth are crazy white....And while I am a fan of some post processing magic. I often use it to correct exposure, or to zap a pimple. Because really who needs to remember that big zit on your chin. I do try to make a point of not going too photoshop happy on my pictures. I was looking at my baby book recently and I was laughing at all the pictures of me in which I had food plastered all over my face. I feel like 95% of the pictures have me wearing a food ring around my mouth. And it made me laugh, since this was an authentic portrayal of me as a kiddo. A memory that I wouldn't have wanted to have photoshopped away. These ramblings have a point, and I will get to it. The family went to the playground tonight. James was taking pictures and my camera was still on manual mode. So, I am blurry, and Rowan is not in these pictures....Not technically perfect pictures, but perfect to me. I love how they turned out. Lola gets really peeved if she is not included during slide time. She will slide all by herself, but will usually knock Rowan right off the slide, so it's best if she is supervised.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

I have no idea what to post.....

...but I am too stubborn not to post and break the post a day for a week resolution. Project Photo Gallery is well under way. I have printed most of the photos that are going on the shelves and have them framed and ready to go. Hopefully the shelves will make their way on the wall tomorrow. Me no do shelf installation. That would be a job for my husband. However, I am all about supervising ;)

I finally found a local scrapbooking store that I like in Toronto. Funny enough, it happens to be mere blocks from where I live and I have driven past the place frequently without knowing it was there. I popped by Stamping Bella today for the October Afternoon Fly a Kite line. I caved. I should be waiting to see if it makes its way into a Studio Calico kit, but I know not what I do, forgive me money gods! The papers are so pretty in person. I made four layouts tonight. I will post them tomorrow after I take pictures of them in daylight.

While I was browsing, one of the shop gals was raving about this Japanese masking tape that is made of rice paper called washi. I have been hearing about this stuff a lot recently, on Amy's blog and on the SC message boards. So, I bought a few rolls. It ain't cheap. The stuff didn't really seem like something to write home about, but I ended up using it on three of the four layouts today.

I stole this picture from Amy....She likes her washi tape.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have challenged myself to blog once a day for a whole week. It is Thursday and I have run out of things to say. :) I haven't blogged this much in a very long time. It feels good to get back in the game. Here are a few scrapbooking pages that I have done recently. Loving the Dear Lizzy line. It is very girly, and since my family is made up of all boys and a pug, I get to selfishly scrap myself and my girlfriends when using this line. I have to restrain myself to not put that beautiful rose ribbon on every single page. This picture was taken by Tara in March of 2009. The journaling was taken from this post.

Also loving the Joyland kit from Studio Calico. I would say it is my favourite one to date. The colours fit so well with a ton of Rowan pictures.

Rowan is obsessed with lawn movers and vacuum cleaners. I hope he keeps this up so we can put him to work soon!

Crate Paper yumminess.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm upset

That my new favourite picture of Rowan (first picture above) is one that my husband took and not me! How dare he?! Actually, there are a few new pictures of Rowan that I am loving. He looks so much like James it is ridiculous. Bossy like his mother though. I ventured to the land of Ikea today to get long white shelves for the entry way. I am going to do a little photo gallery out there. I have no photos of Rowan hanging up. GASP. Lots have been taken. Lots have been scrapbooked. None on display. It's embarrassing and I am changing that this week. I'll snap some pictures next week once the shelves get put up this weekend. I dread going to Ikea. I have to get myself psyched up to go. I NEVER go on weekends....Hell no. The place is a zoo.....always. But I went bright and early today and got all the supplies needed to finish the project. Very excited....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scores from Roslyn

I had the opportunity to meet Demy Lee the gal behind one of my favourite clothing lines this year during Coterie in NYC. Loved getting to meet her, talk children, and thank her profusely for making the comfy, stylish sweaters that I have lived in for the past several years, not to mention when I was preggo. My bestie Rosie carries her line at her boutique Roslyn. Truth is even though I have left Chicago a few years back, I still almost exclusively shop at her boutique. She sends me pictures of the must haves and then sends them my way. Here are the latest scores.

Pas de Calais - Japanese line that has finally hit the States. I really love this line. This shirt is so great on. The piece of chiffon in the front moves as you walk. Looks really dressy, but feels like a t-shirt on.

This cardigan is so adorable. Very lightweight and has a piece of dark grey chiffon that lines the front.This next two pieces, I do not own, but I love.

I do have a scarf from the Pas de Calais line. It's not the one below, although I do love it. I have a penchant for scarves. Rosie sent me the picture of the white scarf I did purchase with the subject line "Scarf lovers unite" :)
Demy Lee. This dress is made out of very thin cashmere, which I will wear with the white and blue striped tank underneath.

The back of the dress.
I have been wearing this cardigan incessantly.

Nicholas K dress. Big fan of this line as well. Very hip, urban feel to the line.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I almost passed out when I saw these incredible bird houses at Kolkid several weeks ago.

Check out the artist Tamar Mogendorff. They had one of these birdcages hanging at Kolkid as well. Drool worthy!

And this is the little guy that came home with me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Room

Tara posted recently about the special little places that she likes to look at in her home. I have little spots that I like throughout the house, and I will post more when those rooms are clean enough to take pictures of later on in the week :) For now, these are a few snaps of my bedroom, the wall with the two pictures on it is going to be getting some wallpaper I think...All three paintings are by this girl.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Decisions, decisions

I broke out my Domino (R.I.P.) magazines this week, and I had the inspired idea of creating an accent wall in my dining room and Rowan's room with wallpaper. James resisted profusely at first, but I have since worn him down and we are at the point where he has embraced (embraced may be a strong word) the idea, but isn't so sure about my initial choices.

The dilemma is that there are a vast array of options, and it's been difficult to narrow it down. My bungalow was built in 1930, and has many of its original features, which was one of the main reasons we feel in love with it. A modern print just won't work with keeping with look of the house. So, while I love some of the modern geometric shapes that are currently out there, it is not happening.

Then I mentioned the dreaded word floral to my husband....I kept trying to tell him it was a more masculine, modern floral :) He's not fully convinced. The buzz words fell on deaf ears.

James is actually the one who suggested the birdcage print for Rowan's room. And it really is the perfect choice. We are just debating which colour scheme to use. The brown (James' vote) or the ivory (my choice).

Here are some of the front runners thus far. Let me know what you think!