Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Driveway Graffiti

James and Rowan had fun drawing on the driveway with chalk a few days ago. This what I see every time I get in and out of my car. And no, Rowan isn't really orange, but his eyes are that blue. Cute.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer breeze

Makes me feel fine! Ah, Summer, you always pass me by so quickly. There won't be many more days of pool frolic, sun burns, BBQs, sand filled shoes, and mosquito bites. I will miss you Summer, but push over, you need to make way for my new boyfriend Fall. He lets me wear all kinds of cute boots, and beautiful sweaters. Chin up Summer, there is one boy in town who will miss you lots. Until next time around...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Uber Meltdown

These pictures were taken approximately an hour or two before Rowan had the meltdown of the century. Sometimes when he is in these meltdown moments, tonight it was because he wanted daddy to give him a bath and not mommy, I asked him some poignant questions. One's that I think that a two and a half year old should be able to answer. Like this...

Rowan - Bawling so hard he is coughing, boogers are spewing out his nose, jumping up and down kicking, screaming "I want Daddy."

Michelle - "Rowan do you realize I gave birth to you?"

Rowan - No response. Continues to scream bloody murder.

Michelle - Chucks Rowan in bath while he is in full meltdown mode. "Rowan, and do you also realize that I breast fed you, doesn't that win me any brownie points with you?!"

James - Outside the bathroom chuckles. Laugh it up Mr. Daddy. "Don't you know that I gave birth to YOUR son?!"

Michelle to Rowan - "Because really kid, I think it should get me a get out of jail free card here."

Rowan - At this point looking like he is having a seizure in the bathtub, because he is crying and shaking so hard. "Mommy, I don't like you anymore." Splashes water in my face.

Michelle - And mommy meltdown to commence in 3-2-1.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spit out the candles

I had a lovely birthday weekend which revolved around food. More precisely, me shoveling it down my throat. Envision champion hot dog eating guy, but with red hair and a cute purse. Did you realize that there is actually an International Federation of Competitive Eating? My true calling. Replace the hot dogs with cake though. Food makes me happy. I sent an e-mail to my friend Rosie telling her about my birthday weekend, and my first sentence was "Rosie, I ate the most amazing halibut of my life, you need to come up here so I can take you to the restaurant." Yup. Food good.

James and I celebrated my 34th year of existence a day early. He surprised me with a trip to a restaurant I have never been to, but most definitely will go back to. It was a cute little place that has the best halibut EVER. With mushroom lemon risotto. I was in heaven. And then I tried James' beef tenderloin, and it melted like butter in my mouth. Double the heaven. Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday birthday brunch consisted of strawberry french toast and a breakfast burrito. I couldn't decide between the two, so I ordered the french toast "for Rowan". And then I ate half of it. Speaking of Rowan, no matter whose birthday it is, he insists on blowing out the candles. Did I say blowing? I actually meant spitting them out. Doesn't matter, I would eat that cake if it fell on the floor. Five second rule.

That's right folks. I am officially four years old. Count the candles...they don't lie. Do you see this cake? This is a mini version of my wedding cake. And guess what?! There is none left. I ate it all. With little help believe me. And now, I am in a food coma.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory Lane

Two posts in the same day is a rare occurrence, but I just took a walk down memory lane. I am in the midst of backing up all my pictures and I have some oldies! Look...James has hair! And mine is brown. We were babies! The two of us getting into trouble in Amsterdam in 2001....

Actually, my hair has been every colour of the rainbow...

But wait, it gets blonder...Wait for it.....Wait for it.....

I love the way you lie

The Marshall I love is back. It's been a long time coming. His new album is in constant rotation. I put the headphones on and get lost in the music.

Now I know we said things
Did things
That we didn't mean
And we fall back
Into the same patterns
Same routine
But your temper's just as bad
As mine is
You're the same as me
But when it comes to love
You're just as blinded
Baby please come back
It wasn't you
Baby it was me
Maybe our relationship
Isn't as crazy as it seems
Maybe that's what happens
When a tornado meets a volcano
All I know is
I love you too much
To walk away though
Come inside

Eminem - I love the way you lie

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rosie and her James

My best friend Rosie and I have this problem. We both have significant others named James. This is Rosie and her James, as we like to call him. Not my James. Don't they make a lovely couple? Doesn't Rosie look like a smurf? Or should I say Smurfette. Not in the blue skinned way, as in the she's itty bitty way. And if you don't know what a smurf is then you are too young to be reading my blog, go away! I shouldn't be made to feel like an old fart on my own blog.....

Back to these two. I am in the midst of planning a girl's getaway bachelorette party. To Mexico. Fingers crossed. Because Mama needs a vacation, somewhere where they serve pina colodas. Some place where a nice tan person takes your order by the pool and comes back in minutes with a fruity beverage. This Canadian wants to migrate south for at least a week. So, yes, I am pushing Mexico. That's right, I'm a pusher.

In the midst of planning what I am sure will be the event of my year, and a feast for the eyes (have you seen her store?!) Rosie and her James went and visited my Tara. That's right. My Tara. The engagement pictures?! In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, "Me likey!"

I don't know what's with me tonight. Someone must have put a side of sass in my beef burrito.

One more picture for good measure. Because they just are adorable.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ah..The perfect day. Not too hot. Not too cold. By the water. With the boys. Skipping rocks. Getting wet. Teeter tottering. Climbing. Brunching. And now....resting!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mad World

I will be glued to my television in about fifteen minutes time for the next few hours to watch the season finale of SYTYCD. Words cannot describe how much I love this show. I sit on my couch with a perma-smile. Here's Billy and Ade dancing to Gary Jules' version of Mad World. One of my favourite dances of the season. Love the song. Here's hoping that Robert wins. He won't. I am crossing my fingers. Must go.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am going to take brief pause from all this dog talk and post a few layouts that I created with Studio Calico's Summer Camp kit. I love this kit. It rivals Joyland as a favourite. The first layout's design and topic are ones that I have used before so this is the About Me..Second Edition page. I wish I could swim in that rose ribbon. This one just sort of fell together.

And this layout....I messed up and had to cover my tracks. I tried using the alpha stamp that was in the Sugar Woods add on this month, and had stamped the word "Nana" under one picture, and I was well onto finishing stamping Rowan's name when I got to the W and it smudged. So those two labels with the names on them are actually masking my mistake...Blah.

And then my cover page for Debee's Inspire Lovely class. I love Debee's style, but it is very different from my own. Very different. I still have spray paint on my hands.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet the newest member of the family

AKA Frank, Frank the Tank, and Frank and Beans. Although Frank and Beans can get a little tricky since Lola's middle name is Bean. And yes, before you ask, I realize that these are dogs and not children, but doesn't every dog deserve a middle name? A middle name better then Shirley?! Uh-huh. Sorry, I'm getting off track there. I must apologize for that rather rude letter from Lola a few weeks back. Lola had a rough go of it at first. And while they are not yet bosom buddies, they are getting along. I should rephrase. Lola is getting along with Frank. Frank gets along with everyone.

Frank seems to be adjusting rather well. I can't say that I blame him considering what a day in the life of a pug is all about. Get up in my plush king size bed. Check. Have someone else serve me my breakfast. Check. Bathroom Break. Check. Wipe my face all over the nice linens on the plush king sized bed. Double Check! Nap. Check. Play time. Check. You get my drift....When the two aren't getting the humans undivided attention this is the sorry sight you'll see on the couch. Seriously, they should take their show on the road. If you saw these two pathetic souls on the side of the street wouldn't you throw them your spare change?!

The blogging has been sparse these last few weeks because my parents came to visit from the East Coast. And THIS is the best picture we managed to get for the entire 10 days. Sad. Actually that's not true. My mom took tons of pictures of Rowan. The rest of us are chop liver ;) At least Rowan looks cute.