Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet the newest member of the family

AKA Frank, Frank the Tank, and Frank and Beans. Although Frank and Beans can get a little tricky since Lola's middle name is Bean. And yes, before you ask, I realize that these are dogs and not children, but doesn't every dog deserve a middle name? A middle name better then Shirley?! Uh-huh. Sorry, I'm getting off track there. I must apologize for that rather rude letter from Lola a few weeks back. Lola had a rough go of it at first. And while they are not yet bosom buddies, they are getting along. I should rephrase. Lola is getting along with Frank. Frank gets along with everyone.

Frank seems to be adjusting rather well. I can't say that I blame him considering what a day in the life of a pug is all about. Get up in my plush king size bed. Check. Have someone else serve me my breakfast. Check. Bathroom Break. Check. Wipe my face all over the nice linens on the plush king sized bed. Double Check! Nap. Check. Play time. Check. You get my drift....When the two aren't getting the humans undivided attention this is the sorry sight you'll see on the couch. Seriously, they should take their show on the road. If you saw these two pathetic souls on the side of the street wouldn't you throw them your spare change?!

The blogging has been sparse these last few weeks because my parents came to visit from the East Coast. And THIS is the best picture we managed to get for the entire 10 days. Sad. Actually that's not true. My mom took tons of pictures of Rowan. The rest of us are chop liver ;) At least Rowan looks cute.


lisa truesdell said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute pup!!!

Tonya said...

super cute! congrats on the new addition.

Jordan Docyz said...

Frank and Beans!

Hey there - I've been keeping up with the blog posts - hilarious -especially the one from Lola!

Hope you guys are well.


meredith said...

I swear we might be twins separated at birth:)

Our dogs name is Frank (Frank the Tank is the name I used on his birth annoucement) and his sister was Beans.