Monday, February 21, 2011

King of Limbs

Radiohead's new album dropped on Friday. I like what I am hearing thus far. Reminds me of the "Kid A" days. Thom Yorke is such a creative genius and seeing him getting his groove on in the Lotus Flower video makes me very, very happy. New album equals new tour dates. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'll be waiting for you in Toronto, Thom!

The digital copy is available for download here. They also have what they are calling a "Newspaper" album, which includes the album on vinyl, and some other cool items like artwork. You have to check out this video. Genius.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scrapbooking Schtuff - Take Five

I decided that I needed to take a photo and do a layout that contained the details of this post. It is just something that I want to remember. And if it doesn't get written down, I'm likely to forget it ever happened. I forget things that I did last week....

The last three layouts that I have done used that KI Sew Cute Calendar paper. And that was my last piece of my favourite Studio Calico paper to date, called Woods. They'll be coming out with the same pattern in a different colour scheme with their Countryside release. The name of the paper is called Grove and I have included a picture below.

Sometimes I feel like i want to tell a story using words, as I did with the layout above. Sometimes I don't feel that words are necessary to convey the message of a layout. And this would the latter.

Making Snow Angels documents Rowan and me during our first outing in the snow. He was the cutest. He could not get up in that snowsuit after finishing his snow angel.

In other news, the folks are coming to install my new bathroom shelves today, which means that after two years my dream bathroom is finally here. I was over 8 months pregnant when we moved into our house, in which there were a ton of renovations going on....I gave birth before all the work was done, and we just decided to wait on a few things until Rowan was a little bigger, so we could live in our house in peace. Well the time has come, and I am excited to show pictures. I have been holding on to these vintage letters from Timeless Treasures for a few years now, and they have finally made it to their rightful home on the wall.