Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rowan Love

A few new pages that were done with Studio Calico's Bibliography kit.

Ribbons Galore

Birthday Boy (My FAVOURITE Rowan picture EVER)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday wishes and tons of kisses

My little bug turned the big ONE on Wednesday. We had a few family members over this afternoon for some sandwiches, tea, cookies and some scrumchalicious cake. One for Rowan to sink his mitts into, and a bigger version of our wedding cake for the adults. Did I happen to tell you I had a very small wedding? Small wedding, excellent cake. It's all about priorities.

Rowan's birthday cake

Rowan's Great Grandmother AKA Nana

Four Generations of family in this here picture

Rowan and his daddy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lense Love

I scored two new lenses yesterday. One I needed to get for the photography class that Maggie Holmes is teaching. The Canon EF 50 mm 1.4 lense. I have only had time to take a test drive with this baby, but I'm liking what I am seeing thus far. This weekend I will take it out for a spin. We are going to be celebrating Rowan's first birthday on Saturday with a few family members. The cake has been ordered. One for the grownups and one very special bunny cake ALL for Rowan. He'll get his fingers in there and really get into some trouble. And I will be clicking up a storm the whole time. I also am making a trek to Queen Street West to shop at Kol Kid for his gift. This store makes me HAPPY.

Back to the lenses. The 50mm shoots great inside my house where there is not a lot of light in the winter months at 7:00 AM in the morning when I shot these.....Excuse the kid, he has banana all over his face. Or nanas as he likes to call them.

The other lense is the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lense. And I was just in the store at the right time for this little gem. I was talking to my local photography store guy about the lense and he said that he sold one to a guy who comes into the store all the time, but because the economy has hit him hard financially he was going to have to sell his equipment. So the shop guy has set up a meeting. And Henri's will still honor the warranty and the lense is still in the box. And I get a REALLY good deal. So. I guess this here baby is in my future too!

PS Tara...I know you're reading this....I will now own the same lense as you. You are shaking in your little booties aren't ya? Perfectly Imperfect by Michelle...Nice ring to it...Hmmm....Now off the steal the words on your website and pawn them off as my own. Tee hee!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I vant to keesss chooo Edward!

I was feeling all miserable one day this week and decided to give in to the stupid sissy girl side of me that wanted to watch Twilight. I have only heard about this Twilight stuff over the past few months when the movie was hitting theatres. Before that, I had never heard of Edward or Bella. I am a sucker for a good vampire movie. I am just now getting over my Angel crush. Ah...Angel...I have every single season of Buffy on DVD at my house. I LIVED for that show. Quirky, dark, hot people kissing, My kind of fluffy love story. So I watched Twilight with no expectations whatsoever. I watched it three times that day. This is going to make me sound like a weird old lady pervert but I am in LOVE with Edward Cullen. Bella get your skinny little ass out of the way, because Edward's got a new woman in town. And one, may I add that will actually smile a time or two rather then scowl and do this utterly weird noise all the time. It kind of freaks me out and it kinda looks like bad acting , I don't know what to make of it. PLEASE, check out the biology lab scene and for the love of god please tell me what she is doing?! Enough time on her, let's talk about Edward. I never read the book, but I would like to have my Edward in a dish with some vanilla ice cream on top please. Yummo! Must go read the book now. Or get ice cream.

Monday, March 23, 2009

His future's so bright....

He's gotta wear shades....And a snowsuit because it was chilly outside! The bug is feeling better. Thanks everyone for your concern. He had us worried there for a while.

Finally ripped open my Studio Calico March Kit called Garment District and made four layouts with it this weekend. I love this kit. All of the Jenni Bowlin vintage yummies. The new Sass. The foam Thickers. Brilliant. And wait until I get the Tara photoshoot pictures back. They will go super duper well with this kit of mine. Did I tell you that I saw the slideshow on Friday? Sooo good people. Sooo very good.

I also started Maggie Holmes online photography workshop for beginners and intermediates. Hopefully I will learn how to take a decent photo of my scrapbook pages, because these pictures don't do them justice at all. Clare - I spelled your name wrong. My bad. Will fix. Promise!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Gal Pals - Part Two

Alrighty, more pictures less talk in this post. Some of the Thailand gals got to finally meet Kimberly who drove an insane amount of hours with her kids to get to Cali. She looks spunky doesn't she? Maybe, I dare say, a little hardcore?! The short spiky hair...the clothes....the swearing on her blog. Well she is about the shyest person I have met in a long time and she has the softest voice ever. Complex woman.

And Kari. Just as funny as when I left her in Thailand. She had to haul ass back to Utah at some god forsaken hour on Sunday morning. We have a habit of seeing each other off during the wee hours of the morning. Kari - I faintly remember you leaving and saying bye. Hugs!

The lovely Emily. All preggo and exhausted. She was a good sport and managed to keep up with us all day and night. She did find a cute seat to park her tush on while we shopped at SoLo.

A random surfer that I took a few pictures of. I swear by the end of it he was posing for the shots.

There also were some great shots taken by Tara of all the girls together and some really sweet blog posts to boot!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gal Pals

Just got back from California tonight after a five day vacation with some girlfriends. My trip was split into two parts. I flew into Santa Ana on Friday night where American Airlines promptly lost my bags. No worries, it gave me an excuse to stay up late with Tara while we waited for my bag to be delivered to her house (I received it at about 1:00 AM). The next day was filled with food, pedicures and shopping with several of the women that I traveled to Thailand with in 2008. It was nice to catch up with them.

We went shopping at a very cool store called SoLo in Solana Beach. I almost keeled over at the vast array of goodies there!

Sunday was photoshoot day with two of my favourite people that I met while living in Chicago. There were so many wardrobe changes and locations that I have lost count. But I will write about that whole experience in more detail when I have some photos to share.

Next it was off to LA to stay with the Chi-town gals where there was tons o' shopping and eating, and more eating and more shopping. And some pictures were taken along the way. I found the coolest glitter wall/door EVER!!! So I made my pretty girls pose for a photo or two!

My mind is really scattered right now since Rowan is so sick. Promise to post more photos in a part two later this week. Good night all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday you old fart....

My one and only brother Joey turned 30 on March 7. I want to wish him a very Happy Birthday! I bet you money he hit the bars with some pals and had a fabulous time. If he can remember. Rowan looks EXACTLY like his uncle Joey when he was young. It really is uncanny. I need to get access to a scanner so that I can show you a Joey baby picture. He was such a cute baby. I wish this photo would have turned out better. I am not sure who took it, but the focus is on the painting rather then the two stars of the show. Happy Birthday Joey from the whole Eaton clan!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

There's nothing zen about shoulder pain

I took an exercise hiatus when Rowan was born. I had bigger fish to fry. My body has paid the price, and I decided it was high time to rip off the band-aid. I have exercised regularly for the majority of my life. I feel better when I exercise, I sleep better, and I definitely look better. So off I went to the yoga studio, a few weeks ago. Let me tell you that every single muscle in my body aches right now. It's a good sore though. I had a thought in my Ashtanga class this week that kind of made me a little sad. We were practicing handstands against the wall and as I watched everyone, I noticed how hesitant people were about trying to do handstands, even with the wall there to catch folks if they over did it. I thought back to being a child, and how fun it used to be to do handstands, flips and cartwheels. How fearless and fun these things were. I think kids are natural yogis. And somewhere along the way, some of us have lost that. When did handstands stop being fun?! I don't remember my shoulders hurting the day after doing handstands as a child. Maybe that's my answer....It stopped being fun when it started to hurt :)

I am a lululemon fanatic. I am so proud that this is a Canadian company!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a troublemaker

Mr. Moo loves all things electronic. He must have gotten it from his dorky parents. You gotta love the nature versus nurture thing! I'm really hoping these sunglasses were broken before he got his mitts on them. I'm just going to put them back in the drawer and hope for the best. Oh, and if you've been calling our house lately, you probably have been getting our fax. As you can see, Rowan loves to play with the phone, and he pitches a big fit when I take it away from him. I have learned to pick my battles. That's his mouse too. What can I say, he is a man of the millennium. He is also a snotty little guy this week. Poor bug sounds like Darth Vader. The things you will do for your child. I have foregone Kleenex for my finger. It is much more effective in getting those boogies out. Rowan heads for the hills when he sees me coming with the Kleenex. HATES IT! Mr. Moo turns the Big ONE this month. Baby is going to have his first dose of sugar.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hodge Podge

This is going to be one of those posts that goes all over the place so bear with me. First off, I am so sad that I will no longer be able to buy Domino magazine after this month. Boo hoo! That magazine is like my home decor mecca. I have binders dedicated to home inspiration and the majority of it comes from Domino. Here are a few of the images that you'll find in my binder.

Wheww! That is a whole lot of eye candy going on there!

Second up. Rowan update. He took his very first steps on his own last night! It was so wonderful. James and I were praising and gushing at him and I am not sure he made the connection about the walking and the praise but he was all proud of himself because he knew for some reason his mommy and daddy were really excited.

Third up. I am really digging the first cut off Metric's new album. Help, I'm Alive. Go check it out. There is also a really cool video up on youtube about Emily Haines, the lead singer, and the making of the song. If you have time, it's worth a listen just to hear her singing an acoustic version of the song...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

There goes my hero

James and I had some fun going to this website and creating the superhero versions of ourselves. Introducing Mysterious Whipped Lash and Sergeant Caped Samurai!