Friday, March 20, 2009

Gal Pals - Part Two

Alrighty, more pictures less talk in this post. Some of the Thailand gals got to finally meet Kimberly who drove an insane amount of hours with her kids to get to Cali. She looks spunky doesn't she? Maybe, I dare say, a little hardcore?! The short spiky hair...the clothes....the swearing on her blog. Well she is about the shyest person I have met in a long time and she has the softest voice ever. Complex woman.

And Kari. Just as funny as when I left her in Thailand. She had to haul ass back to Utah at some god forsaken hour on Sunday morning. We have a habit of seeing each other off during the wee hours of the morning. Kari - I faintly remember you leaving and saying bye. Hugs!

The lovely Emily. All preggo and exhausted. She was a good sport and managed to keep up with us all day and night. She did find a cute seat to park her tush on while we shopped at SoLo.

A random surfer that I took a few pictures of. I swear by the end of it he was posing for the shots.

There also were some great shots taken by Tara of all the girls together and some really sweet blog posts to boot!


Kimberly said...

wow. a photo of me?! shocking to and yes. i think i AM a complex woman. being shy sucks SO much mother fucking ass. let me just say this. had i, in fact, consumed alcohol...i would have been MUCH less shy. and my sailor mouth would have been front and center. as it was...i was a wee bit overwhelmed meeting so many new peeps. but it was so worth it. the drive...everything. you, my red-bull loving bad-ass red are lovely.

ps: how are rowan and james today? better?? yes i asked this question somewhere else. apparently i really want to know the answer!

Anonymous said...

um, nacho cheese?

where is my picture in this post?



amytangerine said...