Thursday, March 26, 2009

I vant to keesss chooo Edward!

I was feeling all miserable one day this week and decided to give in to the stupid sissy girl side of me that wanted to watch Twilight. I have only heard about this Twilight stuff over the past few months when the movie was hitting theatres. Before that, I had never heard of Edward or Bella. I am a sucker for a good vampire movie. I am just now getting over my Angel crush. Ah...Angel...I have every single season of Buffy on DVD at my house. I LIVED for that show. Quirky, dark, hot people kissing, My kind of fluffy love story. So I watched Twilight with no expectations whatsoever. I watched it three times that day. This is going to make me sound like a weird old lady pervert but I am in LOVE with Edward Cullen. Bella get your skinny little ass out of the way, because Edward's got a new woman in town. And one, may I add that will actually smile a time or two rather then scowl and do this utterly weird noise all the time. It kind of freaks me out and it kinda looks like bad acting , I don't know what to make of it. PLEASE, check out the biology lab scene and for the love of god please tell me what she is doing?! Enough time on her, let's talk about Edward. I never read the book, but I would like to have my Edward in a dish with some vanilla ice cream on top please. Yummo! Must go read the book now. Or get ice cream.

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