Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a troublemaker

Mr. Moo loves all things electronic. He must have gotten it from his dorky parents. You gotta love the nature versus nurture thing! I'm really hoping these sunglasses were broken before he got his mitts on them. I'm just going to put them back in the drawer and hope for the best. Oh, and if you've been calling our house lately, you probably have been getting our fax. As you can see, Rowan loves to play with the phone, and he pitches a big fit when I take it away from him. I have learned to pick my battles. That's his mouse too. What can I say, he is a man of the millennium. He is also a snotty little guy this week. Poor bug sounds like Darth Vader. The things you will do for your child. I have foregone Kleenex for my finger. It is much more effective in getting those boogies out. Rowan heads for the hills when he sees me coming with the Kleenex. HATES IT! Mr. Moo turns the Big ONE this month. Baby is going to have his first dose of sugar.


april said...

He's precious.

Amy Coose said...

He is just a doll! Hope the cold goes away soon.