Saturday, March 7, 2009

There's nothing zen about shoulder pain

I took an exercise hiatus when Rowan was born. I had bigger fish to fry. My body has paid the price, and I decided it was high time to rip off the band-aid. I have exercised regularly for the majority of my life. I feel better when I exercise, I sleep better, and I definitely look better. So off I went to the yoga studio, a few weeks ago. Let me tell you that every single muscle in my body aches right now. It's a good sore though. I had a thought in my Ashtanga class this week that kind of made me a little sad. We were practicing handstands against the wall and as I watched everyone, I noticed how hesitant people were about trying to do handstands, even with the wall there to catch folks if they over did it. I thought back to being a child, and how fun it used to be to do handstands, flips and cartwheels. How fearless and fun these things were. I think kids are natural yogis. And somewhere along the way, some of us have lost that. When did handstands stop being fun?! I don't remember my shoulders hurting the day after doing handstands as a child. Maybe that's my answer....It stopped being fun when it started to hurt :)

I am a lululemon fanatic. I am so proud that this is a Canadian company!

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emfalconbridge said...

didn't handstands stop being fun when your were aware of a massive muffin-top flopping upside down over the top of your pants? and also when mirrors and skinny people are involved.

can't wait to see you!