Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Reality - Circa October 2011

I can't help but smile when I see these two pictures for several reasons

1) Rowan's look is classic "I'm not getting my way, I do not want to share". He's upset that I grabbed his hockey stick.
2) Lola is in the background, just chillaxing, and wants to be in the mix and not left out.
3) Jeans, t-shirt, converse, no make-up..My uniform when I am at home.
4) These photos are blurry. Because James took them. Which is also the norm around here ;)
5) Rowan and I pretend we are monsters when we are playing together about 99% of the time lately.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Eaton clan has been working at lightning speed for the past several months. Big client accounts at work for both of us. Rowan has started French Montessori school, is enrolled in swimming and is taking skating lessons so that he can become the next NHL superstar defenceman and we can ride his gravy train when gets older.  Hopefully by the age of twenty.  That would work nicely with my retirement plans...Summers always seem to fly by so fast. I really am trying to slow it down and just be still every once in a while.

Rowan at his very first skating lesson.  Kids are so resilient.  I would not be happy if my butt was falling on the cold hard ice every second minute for an hour straight.  Kids though, apparently they are fine with this.

Rowan is obsessed with evil super villains.  It is all he has on the brain lately.  This is his imitation of Syndrome from the Incredibles, you know, with hockey gloves.

And then we have the dogs...Nothing is sadder than a pug.