Friday, August 27, 2010

Uber Meltdown

These pictures were taken approximately an hour or two before Rowan had the meltdown of the century. Sometimes when he is in these meltdown moments, tonight it was because he wanted daddy to give him a bath and not mommy, I asked him some poignant questions. One's that I think that a two and a half year old should be able to answer. Like this...

Rowan - Bawling so hard he is coughing, boogers are spewing out his nose, jumping up and down kicking, screaming "I want Daddy."

Michelle - "Rowan do you realize I gave birth to you?"

Rowan - No response. Continues to scream bloody murder.

Michelle - Chucks Rowan in bath while he is in full meltdown mode. "Rowan, and do you also realize that I breast fed you, doesn't that win me any brownie points with you?!"

James - Outside the bathroom chuckles. Laugh it up Mr. Daddy. "Don't you know that I gave birth to YOUR son?!"

Michelle to Rowan - "Because really kid, I think it should get me a get out of jail free card here."

Rowan - At this point looking like he is having a seizure in the bathtub, because he is crying and shaking so hard. "Mommy, I don't like you anymore." Splashes water in my face.

Michelle - And mommy meltdown to commence in 3-2-1.....

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Gloria said...

Ohh gosh, your post just made me laugh soo hard!! Your little boy looks so adorable on the photos, but I can picture his meltdown ;)TFS