Friday, April 23, 2010

I have no idea what to post.....

...but I am too stubborn not to post and break the post a day for a week resolution. Project Photo Gallery is well under way. I have printed most of the photos that are going on the shelves and have them framed and ready to go. Hopefully the shelves will make their way on the wall tomorrow. Me no do shelf installation. That would be a job for my husband. However, I am all about supervising ;)

I finally found a local scrapbooking store that I like in Toronto. Funny enough, it happens to be mere blocks from where I live and I have driven past the place frequently without knowing it was there. I popped by Stamping Bella today for the October Afternoon Fly a Kite line. I caved. I should be waiting to see if it makes its way into a Studio Calico kit, but I know not what I do, forgive me money gods! The papers are so pretty in person. I made four layouts tonight. I will post them tomorrow after I take pictures of them in daylight.

While I was browsing, one of the shop gals was raving about this Japanese masking tape that is made of rice paper called washi. I have been hearing about this stuff a lot recently, on Amy's blog and on the SC message boards. So, I bought a few rolls. It ain't cheap. The stuff didn't really seem like something to write home about, but I ended up using it on three of the four layouts today.

I stole this picture from Amy....She likes her washi tape.

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donab said...

I recently discovered that washi tape, too. Colored tape! I had to have me some. I can't quite figure out what to do with it, though.