Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sorry James!

I think our son is going to be an opera singer rather then a hockey player. I have never heard such a high pitch squeal in my entire life. And when he gets going, there's nothing stopping him. Like today, while getting ready to shovel in the bananas and oatmeal. The perfect time for an impromptu sing song and a maraca shake. And isn't he cute in orange? If Gammy is reading this, she may notice that Rowan is sporting one of the many outfits that she bought him for Christmas. I opened the bag by "mistake", and saw all these cute clothes and I just couldn't wait....I am weak Gammy, please forgive me! Five teeth...Yes Sirree Bob! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Where does the time go?


Mama Marks said...

Don't forgive her Gammy, she's a weak brat ...and posting cute photos of Rowan doesn't make up for your naughtiness (well, maybe just a little!) :-)

Michelle Springer said...

Believe me Jo, everyone in my family already knows that I am a weak brat. No news there :)

Marcail said...

How can I resist. All's forgiven. I hoped the snugglies would fit without feet.