Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gammy's House

There are three grandmas hankering to see some Rowan pictures. Who are we kidding though, they can never get enough!

Just got back from a lovely visit at Gammy's. Where I ate entirely too much of this stuff. But it was so good I just couldn't stop shoveling it in! Many thanks to Chef Stephanie! She kept reminding me that it was healthy, so I kept on eating it. Chicken, red peppers, and spinach, oh my!

And where is Tara when I need her? I am forever behind the camera and can never manage to get a decent shot of me and the kiddo.....This is the best one from the trip. Boo hoo! It ended coming out all blurry and I have a fake smile and Rowan is getting tired of all the cheesy poses. And it really highlights the pretty stainless steel fridge more then it does us.
My little love bug in action. There is so much space for him to boogie all about at his grandparents house.

I guess he doesn't need a whole lot of room when all he wants to do is eat the chair.

Rowan has started eating carrots, squash, bananas and apples. The veggies are making his nose turn a lovely orange colour! And he is so fair skinned that he looks a little like Rudolph with a hint more tangerine...


Mama Marks said...

Glad you had a nice time - food looks very yum! And your little man is obviously enjoying his tucker (bit of Ozzie for ya!):-) Go the hair facebook girl! But I still miss Thailand hair :-) BTW, where's the Chrissie tree photos?

Kari said...

Rowan is so darling. And he is so, so big! He dwarfs my little one who is two months older. What do you feed them up there in Canada?