Monday, December 15, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things

Little Odd Forest
Just got these puppies in the mail today. The owner also threw in some little goodies like stickers and teeny tiny little clothes pins that have birds on them that have now found a home in my journal.

Love this gal. I obsessively hoard all of her little animals. Seriously. I have I whole zoo of these furry friends in my mean Rowan's room. I also recommend Stephanie's new book. A year of mornings. Here is my latest score...

Les Indiennes.
This bedding makes me drool. I want it. LIKE. RIGHT. NOW.

And these guys are being shipped to me this week. Here they are unfinished. Check out the pug!! They are from an etsy seller called Goose Grease.

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Tara Whitney said...

oh i love-those dolls are cooler than the ones i got-mine were very glossy and when i left them on the subway in LA i wasnt too upset.