Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Bean Burrito

Dear Bean Burrito,

I know things have been a little shaky between us since the"other" guy came along. But we won't talk about him again in this post. No, this post is entirely, completely dedicated to my Bean, my Lala, my Baba boo, my Lola.

I know we haven't done any impromptu photo sessions lately, like this one, where I try to get you to look into the camera, and I fail miserably at it every time.

As I am writing this note, you are pouting on the couch because James and I didn't take you for a ride in the car today. You are spoiled. But you are the coolest friggin dog on the planet. You snore. You grunt. You hump my leg. You spit in people's faces. You fart. You ROCK.

Hang in there queen bean. I know the "other" guy annoys you right now. He pulls your tail. He crawls after you. He steals your thunder. But I think in time you will come to be great friends. Until then, think of the good times. When you had all the glory...


Your mommy.

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april said...

Sweet little chunky bean!