Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello. My name is Michelle and I'm a Fickrholic

Hello Michelle!

I am going to out Jo as well here too! If I am going down she's coming down with me! Ah, there are so many people I can blame for leading me down this path of self destruction. Let's see, there is Tara, who suggested that we put our Thailand pictures on Flickr. Then there was D's three.sixty.five photostream that got me really drinking the Kool-aid. And last but not least we have the enabler Jo, my flickr buddy and parter in crime for the 365 days challenge. I have already gotten at least a half dozen dirty looks from James about Flickr. He has questioned the amount of time I am putting in to the photos and the online groups. And it is a total time suck. The minutes and hours just fly right on by in Flickrland.

So, it is time to pull myself out before I get in too deep. I have decided to finish 365, but I am allowing no more then 30 minutes a day to taking photos/posting photos/commenting on Flickr. I already feel twitchy...

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