Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better late then never

I promised a favourite 10 layouts of 2008 post a long time ago. Well here are six from 2008 and a few new ones for 2009. I hate taking pictures of my layouts. I really need to just take a picture after I am finished creating them and before it gets into an album. Once it's in the album I really don't feel like touching it again.

Midsummer Nights Dream - I miss Amy so much. Good friends are irreplaceable, and I haven't been able to find any close girlfriends in Toronto like I had in Chicago. I can't wait for Tara to take pictures of Amy and I in March.

City Gals - Another Chicago friend. Aren't all my Chi-town friends absolutely friggin gorgeous. For reals...

Beautiful Boy - Inspired by the Ben Harper song that I love so much and is on frequent rotation in Rowan's room.

Pretty Leaves - If I really love the picture, the layout is going to end up being really simple and straight forward. I love this picture of Rowan sitting in our front yard eating leaves while James was raking them.

Guilty as Charged - I love to capture and document moments that have become part of our everyday lives. Lola gutting stuffed animals happens on a regular basis.

Operaman - My little guy has found his lungs.

Krabi - I adore this picture that Tara took of me in Krabi. So, I had to find all my favourite scrapping supplies of the moment to document this time of my life. I love the Crate Paper!

D - One by one I am scrapping my favourite pictures of all my Thailand friends. I have to pick the perfect papers and embellishments though, so I haven't gotten them all finished yet. Blogspot is rotating this picture incorrectly...

Bliss - I like this one bunches. I am really digging using Kraft cardstock as my background lately. It really punches up the photo.

And I'm spent! I live for Austin Power's quotes. I hear he is working on a new movie....


Emily Falconbridge said...

wow mic, i am shocked and amazed by your sheer volume of cranked out layouts! i did this many, um - in all of 2008!! keem em coming'
(especially the page about ME, which should be full of wonderful things...)

amytangerine said...

these pages rock!
my fave is the one of you on the boat in krabi!