Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamesie E!

It is my Jamesie E's birthday today. He is the big 34. He hates celebrating his birthday and every year I have to remind him about February 9th. He would just let the day come and go with zero celebrating if I let him. But that's not my style. Birthdays are a big deal to me. So, I will be dragging him out for some b-day eats, while "the Karen" looks after Rowan. I am going to start referring to my mother-in-law as "the Karen" from now on, after hearing a close friend of ours call her that. She is kind of like super grandma, so I think she deserves a "the" in front of her name as much as anyone.

Kisses for you sweetness. You are the best daddy and hubby a gal could really ask for. I don't deserve you....but I'm keeping you anyway!


Marcail said...

Steph and I calledlast night and your fax was on. Alas, we'll celebrate this weekend. Noel called to check on your phone as well. Please pass James all our birthday wishes. Love to you all.

Mama Marks said...

Happy Birthday James - we've got this REALLY great pressie for you, but too difficult to post, so you'll just have to come to Oz to get it :-)
Have a great night out - and feel free to bring The Karen to Oz with you if required :-) love jo xx

Michelle Springer said...

Jane - I will let James know you and Noel called. All James wanted for his birthday was to be left alone to play some video games for a few hours, so we turned the phone off last night. We'll see you this weekend.

Jo - I am sure "The Karen" would love to take a trip to Oz :)