Thursday, October 28, 2010

Someone would be in the kitchen more...

If her kitchen looked like these beauties...And even then, I would just be sitting in my kitchen mesmerized by the sheer fanciness of it all, there would be no actual cooking involved. Nuh-uh, I wouldn't want to mess up my pristine white kitchen! No dogs, kids and/or husbands allowed. I really have nothing to complain about, I already have a nice white kitchen....Just need a few finishing touches and I look to these pictures for inspiration to finish the job. I must say these people have guts to paint their wood floors white. Not something I would do, but it does complement the room.

You can read the full kitchen inspiration article on decor8.

Can you believe this next picture is from IKEA?!

Love. Amazing. Full article on decor8.

And repurposed Whiskey barrel flooring. The angels start to sing from heaven when I look at this picture. I debated putting this photo up, because I may cry if any friends were to get this before I did. So please don't. Really, that would be the nice thing to do.

I may have to interrupt the regularly scheduled home inspo program to talk about the cuteness that is my son in his Fireman's costume for Halloween. Bear with me.

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g said...

Oh my heavens. White kitchens make my heart go pitter patter. When I grow up, I want a white kitchen with some of the cabinets having glass fronts, so my beautiful Fiestaware can shine through in all of its colorful glory. :) And the whiskey-barrel flooring??? TO DIE FOR. (No'll totally win that race as far as I'm concerned. My kitchen reno dreams won't come to fruition for eons. And eons.)