Monday, October 4, 2010


As James and I were sitting on a wagon with Rowan riding around in a pumpkin patch last Sunday, I had an out of body experience. One where Michelle of five years past was looking at me in her super cute high heels, hair and makeup done and choking on her Cheetos at what has happened to the shell of her former self. James and I looked at each other about the same time on the ride and we could tell this is what the other one was thinking.....How the hell did we get here? I have never been to a pumpkin patch, or an apple orchard....all of that stuff seemed like shit before Rowan came along. But I find myself loving what he loves, and smiling when he smiles, and if that means jumping on a tractor that is literally going around in circles while we look at pumpkins and the few odd scarecrows scattered around the farm, so be it. That being said, I am looking forward to a weekend with Rosie in Chicago in the upcoming month. A weekend of fashion, eating, wedding talk and trying on bridesmaid dresses. I am hoping trying on bridesmaid dresses isn't the equivalent of trying on bathing suits. Or I may need to have a few pops before we head down that road.

I am the one that takes pictures of the family about 99% of the time, the other 1% is when I make James take the camera so that I can get a few shots in with Rowan so he knows that I was alive when he gets older and forgets this stuff..I would like to have some more candids, but it wasn't in the cards at the pumpkin patch. It was a little overwhelming for Rowan and for mommy and daddy too. I have come to realize rude, selfish people make rude, selfish parents. Some of these people have no clue as to what is going around them. I notice this every time we go out to a fair, or a public place where there are a lot of kids with their parents. I seriously want to karate kick some of them in the head. But I am a good parent. I will wait until Rowan goes to the bathroom with daddy before any infliction of physical violence. Remind me to bring my ski mask and lead pipe when we go see Santa Claus.

Before Pumpkin Patch...happy Rowan

At Pumpkin Patch....not so happy Rowan

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Anonymous said...

I think Rowan was only unhappy because was obsessed with said "tractor" and wasn't at all interested in pictures with Mommy and Daddy in front of the Pumpkins.

Word has it that tractor's are waaaaaaay cooler than Mommy and Daddy.

- not your husband