Saturday, June 12, 2010

A week in the life

Ahh..Summer is around the corner; I can smell it! It has been crazy hot in T-dot for some time now. Rowan had a go at the sprinkler for the first time this year and we can't pull him out of the thing. So the routine has been to pick him up from daycare, turn the sprinkler on and hose him down to cool him off before dinner. He's so cute, he closes his eyes as he runs through it. We take turns. He runs through closing his eyes, and I run through and let out a short squeal as the water is fa-reezing.There was a fair at the elementary school by my MIL's house so we all met up to take Rowan there. He was such a good sport! It was hot, and clearly the kid is ultra pale. And it was A LOT to take in. He was still a bit young to be able to go on most of the rides, but the folks supervising the various events were pretty cool and let mommy go on the big inflatable slide with him. Mommy had a hard time climbing up that sucker! The inflata-stairs aren't meant for size 8 feet. As you can see, I am enjoying myself immensely. Rowan on the other hand is utterly terrified. Which I had no clue about until I looked at these photos. Such a brave little critter.

Next up. The pony rides. Man, you think it was a NYC night club we were trying to get into. The lines for the pony ride was LONG! Grandma stayed in the line, while Rowan and I enjoyed the slide. She also had to watch out for all the kids that were trying to butt in front of her. This makes me furious. The parents are right there watching it all happen and they do nothing. Actually, some of the parents were trying to butt in line too. Shameful. They don't know my husband though. There will be no butting in line on his watch. Beware kids! You could be two or one hundred and two...doesn't matter :) Grandma went with Rowan on the pony ride. But Row hung on the whole time by himself and did quite well. Well enough to wave at me for some pictures.

And then the four wheelers. He was way too young to be on them, but again, the supervising parents gave James the green light to let him on and just stay close by. James really needs to work on his supervising skills. Rowan ran into another boy's leg and almost had an accident with a side railing.....Rowan didn't smile once while he was on the bike. He had this look of utter concentration trying to figure out what handle to press for it to start moving and how to maneuver around all the gaggles of kiddos.

If this is a preview of what's to come, it's going to be a great summer!

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Anonymous said...

People who cut in line are horrible. I am glad they do it in Canada too. You aren't perfect! ;)
He is so cute - getting so big Michelle!!!