Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's Dance!

So the new season of So you think you can dance USA (SYTYCD) has geared up for summer. They are switching things up with a new format. Ten (make that eleven for good measure) dancers paired with ten "all-stars" from season's past. I'll tell you this now, my favourite never ends up winning. Never. I base my criteria heavily on technique, and the great technicians never seem to be the fan favs. But this season, almost everyone has superb technique. And it's a catch 22 pairing them with all stars. They can be brought to another level being paired with a better, more experienced dancer, or their weaknesses become glaringly obvious next to the vets. I am also clapping my hands happy that Mia has joined the panel and I don't have to listen to the incessant screaming of Mary Murphy.

So, here are my favourites. I am loving every stinking thing Sonya Tayeh choreographed this week. I am heavily influenced by the music as much as the dance, the Jeff Buckley Hallelujah song with Alex blew my friggin mind. They blew it up!! Ah...that song. Jeff Buckley, you left the world too soon, your voice is magical and soothes me to sleep at night. I like Alex, but I don't love Alex....He doesn't have the quirk factor that I like....

All star Mark is back. This makes me the most happy. And paired with Sonya Tayeh. I was loving it. I have no clue who he was dancing with.....It was purely about the reunion of Mark and Sonya on this one...

I am thinking Melinda needs to get the big old boot this week. I don't think she as strong a dancer as the rest. Enough said.

Loved the African Dance routine by Robert and Courtney......The music is off the Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco soundtrack called "Norweg". Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit behind this year, and I have to admit it is because I am a bit miffed at the new format. Only 11 dancers? I want more. We have three recorded. Now I want to catch up.
Are you stoked Mia is full time now?!! So happy not to hear Mrs. Murphy go off her rocker every five seconds.