Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Mia

Dear Mia Michaels,

About this time last year, I wrote a somewhat harsh note on my blog urging you to give more constructive criticism. I dunno, maybe you had some stuff going on in your personal life last year because you kinda of came off as a beeatch. Now Mia, I am only writing this note because I care about you. I respect you. Hell, I love you. I was apprehensive about seeing you yesterday on TV. Would you be the Mia I know and love, or the one who seemed liked someone pissed in her cornflakes. And to my delight, the old Mia was back in fine form. Laughing, crying, crying some more. And I hear you are going to be a permanent fixture on this year's judging panel. Yippee! Let's keep it up Mia! And if ever you are in Toronto, please give me a call, I know we would be fast friends. Until then I will adore you from the comfort of my couch, whilst eating Cheetos and sipping a Coke...with ice.

Mic (Team Mia)

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