Monday, April 27, 2009


Today I received two things in the mail of importance. Number One. My new Canadian passport with the absolute worst picture of me that I have ever seen. I thought it wasn't possible for it to look worse then the picture I gave them at the office, but magically it looks about ten times worse when it got scanned into the passport. I might have to have one last barf (see post below). Secondly. The Tara pictures! Yippee Skippee! So here is the rundown of the shoot.

Rosie and Amy are two of my bestest friends that I met while living in Chicago. I have already told you about Rosie and the story about how our friendship came to life. Amy and I met through Rosie. Rosie organized a girls night out and Amy and I sat next to each other that night. I remember thinking that this girl was really no nonsense. And she has a dry, witty humour that I love. I like to think that I "get" her more then the average person. And that is what makes our relationship special. Amy and I have a zero drama friendship. We don't sweat the small stuff. We can not talk for months and then pick up the phone and start where we left off. She is SMART. I like to think of her as my very own Clarice Starling. She works as a psychologist at a men's maximum security prison in California. Ah, the stories she could tell you! She is beautiful, as she is intelligent. I love her dearly.

Unfortunately for me, Rosie still lives in Chicago, Amy moved to California and I live in Toronto. I miss them terribly and what better way to show them my love but to have somebody special photograph our special bond....

That person would be none other than Tara Whitney. Tara is the American equivalent of me. Seriously. No. Stop laughing. Seriously. I mean in the personality department, not in the photographic skillz department. What I love about her most is that we can sit on the couch and cut each other up in an ever so loving fashion, and laugh and laugh. Tara doesn't take herself too seriously, and has a certain joie de vivre that I adore. That being said, in the blink of an eye we can turn around and have a very serious conversation. It is a quick, easy friendship me and the Whitney have. Why do all these people live so far away I ask you?!

I am a lucky girl. This is my third Tara shoot in about a year. And I wanted to do something very different for this one, than the last two. So I asked T "What location would you love to shoot at but have never had the opportunity?" She had two requests. First one. A seaside trailer park. Sounds good to me! Second one. Yellow Flowers. Absolutely! Let me tell you. It was very hard to pick out favourites for this blog post. They are ALL fantastic! I love them all. So much so, that I don't even know if I want to scrapbook them. EEEPP!! I am having a few of all of us together printed on canvas, and the rest will go into a photo album.

I used to live in a trailer park until my late teens. The trailer park I lived in wasn't as nice as this one. It was a little more seedy. And it certainly wasn't right across from the ocean. We lucked out. Tara found an abandoned basketball court next to the park. I also scouted a mustard colored VW van in the driveway. I almost peed in my pants. Some of my favourite shots are in front of the shaggin wagon!

Then it was on to the beach. I really wanted this shoot to be more about the girls than me, I wanted to go wherever they wanted to go. I wanted them to feel special. And believe me when you are one on one with Tara, you most definitely feel like a rockstar/model. And secretly doesn't every girl want to feel like that? At least for a little bit?! Before the beach, there was a matter of this graffiti wall and the girls getting together for some quality time!

Rosie was so happy at the beach! She reverted into a little girl splashing around and having a ball. Tara waited patiently as Rosie handed me her blackberry so I could take pictures and send them off to her boyfriend back in Chicago.

My favourite picture from the session. Spectacular!

There are just too many to share here! I repeat. I am a VERY lucky girl. Lucky to have beautiful friends like Amy and Rosie who were ever so kind do indulge me in a friends photo shoot, and the lovely Tara. A beautiful friend, who just so happens to be a decent photographer. Tee hee! Love to all three of my girls! I think the world of you.


Anonymous said...


for all of these amazing words that have lifted me up and made me feel so special.

thank you michelle, thank you!


*reyanna klein* said...



In my dreams...

Tara takes my photo too.

Anonymous said...

so what you're sayin is...

just kidding- I love you too (squeeze/hallmark moment)!


Jessica said...

Amazing shoot. I'm green with envy.
I'd be only slightly less green if Amy were to divulge the origins of her cowboy(girl?) boots. ;)

Michelle Springer said...


Amy says they are four year old Steve Madden's that she got from some sort of shoe pavillion. Hope that helps!

amytangerine said...

these are amazing!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tip on the boots! Now where to find those legs...