Monday, April 13, 2009

Chicago - The Food Post

James and I spent the long weekend in Chicago reminiscing, checking out our old haunts, hanging out with some great friends and eating lots of food. In my opinion, Chicago has the best food EVER, and it is tough to get all of our favs in the rotation in just three short days. But we did our darnedest. First stop was Portillos for some Italian Beef. James was the happiest I have seen him in a long time as we walked from our hotel to the restaurant. If anyone knows a way to get Italian Beef drip fed into an IV, please let us know! He was so elated that he entertained me and my camera for a few funny pictures.

We grabbed some pizza and beers in our old neighbourhood. That would be Piece restaurant in Wicker Park.

There was also the mandatory stop at L'il Guys for some of the best sandwiches and smoothies around. L'il guy sandwiches are these little itty bitty sandwiches made on sweet Hawaiian bread stuffed with goodies like corned beef, egg salad, etc. I could eat about twenty in one sitting. Ah. They make me about as happy as a girl can be. Can you tell?

What better way to work off a full stomach then by doing some shopping. Next post, Rosie's boutique, and some pictures of my new scores!


Mama Marks said...

a post about food? you're a girl after my own heart :-)hope your cope-o-meter is on the up after your long weekend away xx

clare b said...

what a fantastic way to spend the long weekend. Aaahhhh! Sounds fantastic. Must put Chicago on my round-the-world trip itinerary. LOL

Anonymous said...

i want to go to chicago and eat with you RIGHT NOW.