Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drool, Smiles and Puke

The kid pictured below would take first prize in a drooling contest. Hands down. Record breaking. Amounts. Of. Drool. He goes through three or four shirts a day because the tops are soaking wet. Is that normal?! He also did a face plant at daycare on Friday, which is why it looks like we beat him. Au contraire folks, I have a welt on the side of my head from Rowan belting me with his phone. Yes. he. has. a. phone. It's plastic and weights about ten pounds.

By the hammer of Thor, the bug is getting so big. He could be one of the happiest children I know. Always smiling and content. Hey, we must be doing something right!

And the curls! If you know James and I well, you probably know we both have curly hair. Yes, it's true. I go to great lengths to straighten my hair. I do love baby curls though. James keeps asking and asking if we can cut it, and I keep promising to kill him if he so much as utters the word scissors and Rowan's hair in the same sentence again.

On to the puke. I went to a really nice restaurant on Friday night with James and some good friends. Had some yummy nummy halibut. Came home early and proceeded to puke my life out. I am just about done now. It's Sunday afternoon..By my count that is a whole lot o' barfing. Thank goodness for husbands and mother in laws to help look after Rowan.

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