Monday, July 2, 2012

Studio Calico Stamps for Sale

Cleaning out my stamp stash today. Here is what is available. Please contact me at if you wish to purchase a stamp. All prices do not include shipping. I will send a paypal request for the shipping amount once I go to the post office. Stamps will not be be marked as sold until the stamp has been paid for. Please Note: Paypal payment should be sent to the following email address.

Any questions, please let me know.  Happy Shopping!

USED 4x3 Target Stamp from the County Fair Shooting Gallery Add-on - 15 SOLD
USED Birds on a wire stamp from Field Guide's Meadow Lark Add-on - 15 SOLD
USED Birch Tree and Heart Stamp Set from Glee Club's Debate Team Add-on -15 SOLD
NEW 4x6 Map background stamp from Boardwalk Sea Glass Add-on- 15
NEW 4x6 Confetti background Stamp from Glee Club's Pep Squad - 6 SOLD
NEW 4x6 Linen Stamp from Brooklyn Flee's Add-on Salvaged - 15SOLD
Chevron Stamp from the On the Easel En Plein Air Add on - 6 SOLD
USED Ruler from Back 40 Main Kit - 4
NEW Butterfly Stamps from the Back 40 Fresh Cut Add-on - 15SOLD
USED Smile Stamp from Back 40 Free Range Add-on - 3 SOLD
NEW Oblong Journal block Stamp from the Summer Camp Main kit - 3
NEW Addy mini alpha stamp set from the Summer Camp Sugar Woods add-on - 6 SOLD
NEW Clock Stamp from Continental LaSalle add-on - 4 SOLD
USED Numbers Border Stamp from the Lawn Party Main kit - 6SOLD
USED Globe Stamp from Metropolitan Main kit - 2
4x6 Woodgrain Background Stamp from the Metropolitan Park Bench add-on - 15 SOLD
USED Small Alpha stamp set from the Napa Valley Main kit - 8 SOLD
NEW 4x6 Graph background stamp from Napa Valley Santa Cruz add-on - 15
NEW Film Strip Stamp from Paper Moon's Countdown add-on - 15  SOLD
USED Small Open Circles Border Stamp from the Mind the Gap Main Kit - 5SOLD
NEW Circle Frame Stamp from Boardwalk Main kit - 2
NEW 4x3 School Stamp Set from Boardwalk's Sandcastle Add-on - 4 SOLD
USED "oh Snap" Stamp set from the Glee Club Main Kit - 5 SOLD
USED Title Banner Stamp from the Glee Club Thespian add-on - 4 SOLD
NEW 4x6 Touching Circles Background Stamp from Field Guide Perennial Add-on - 12 SOLD
NEW Numbers Stamp from the Field Guide Greenhouse Add-on - 6  SOLD
NEW Journaling Stamp from the Field Guide Almanac Add-on - 4
USED 2x2 Stump Stamp from the Brooklyn Flea main kit - 4SOLD
NEW Vertical Numbers Border Stamp from the County Fair main kit - 4 SOLD
NEW Photo Booth Border (Keep calm and snap on) from the County Fair Photo Booth Add-on - 6 SOLD
USED 4x6 Punchinella Background stamp from the Daydream Believer Clarksville Add-on - 15 SOLD
NEW Vespa Stamp from the Daydream Believer LadyLane Add-on- 5 SOLD
USED Basic Grey/Hero Arts Oxford Collection Formula Fun Stamp - 12
USED Coffee Stamp - 15 SOLD

USED Dress From Stamp from the Granny's Cupboard Linens & Lace add-on- 4  SOLD

NEW cuckoo clock stamp from the Orchestra Main kit - 4 SOLD
NEW Spirograph mini stamp - 3 SOLD

USED Polaroid Stamp - 6 SOLD
NEW Cherries - 2 SOLD
USED Good Stuff Stamp Set - 30 SOLD
USED Epic Stamp Set - 30 SOLD


USED Awesome Stamp set - 30 SOLD

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Christie said...

I was wondering if you had the hexagon stamp set and/or the speech bubbles stamp set from the June 2012 SC addon kits?!?!

Please let me know....

christiewildes (at) gmail (dot) com