Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Must Be Crazy

I have decided to really clean house as far as stamps go and I think that is going to make some folks very happy campers.  Looking for your best offer.  Please e-mail me at  I would like to keep communication to that one e-mail address rather than posting comments on my blog, on Two Peas, Studio Calico etc...
If you have any questions, please let me know.  Good luck!

Updated to add - I will entertain offers until midnight tonight and then will close bidding. I am already getting flooded with e-mails, so I will wait until after midnight to address them. These are some of my favourite stamps EVER, I would have put a pretty high price tag on most of these stamps, but I want to be reasonable and allow most people an opportunity to be able to purchase them. That is why I am leaving the bidding to you guys. Highest bidders at midnight will receive the stamps. If there are more than one person with the same highest bid, I'll go by time it was received. Earliest time will get the stamp.
USED 4x3 medallion stamps from the Santa Monica add-on kit - So Cal  SOLD
USED Be Fabulous stamp from the Newport add-on kit - So Cal   SOLD
USED Bubbles stamp set from the Venice Beach add-on kit - So Cal  SOLD
NEW Triangle grid background stamp from the Sorbonne add-on kit - City of Lights  SOLD
NEW Enjoy the Ride stamp from the City of Lights main kit SOLD
USED 4x3 stamp from the Louvre add-on kit - City of Lights SOLD
USED Love You More stamp from Montmartre add-on kit - City of Lights  SOLD
USED Ferris Bueller border stamp from the Illustrated add-on kit - Story Hour  SOLD
NEW Alphabet set from the Narrative add-on kit - Story hour SOLD
USED Days of the week stamp (only Tuesday has been used) SOLD
NEW Chevron Stamp from the Boogie Board add-on kit - Boardwalk


Vanessa Middleton said...

How much are the speech bubbles? I want those BAD, but can't afford a crazy price.

Niki Estes said...

Just emailed your, Michelle. :)

madewithlovemmdo112800 said...

How much for the narrative stamp set

Michelle Springer said...

Hi girls,

I have updated my blog post which I hope answers your questions. Highest bid will win. Bidding ends at midnight. Good luck to you all!


Sasha Farina said...

good luck!! these will be gone in about half a second if you were to put them in the open market!