Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ripping off the band-aid

Jeebus.  Has it been almost two months?!  I hate when this happens because I always feel overwhelmed when I finally get back to blogging...so many stories to tell, so many pictures to show.  Where to start?  I kept up with my December Daily and have been doing Project Life (along with everybody else in the universe).  I am enjoying it.  It is a lot of work though.  And honestly, I feel like that is why the blog has remained dusty for the last few months.  I have been recording every iota of my existence since December 1st, 2011.  Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter....I just felt slightly nauseated talking about myself and my family that much, and I needed a break.  I also work for IBM, so I get my daily computer quota by noon everyday.

Let's start slow.  A few things that have been on my radar lately.

I scored Sarah Mclachlan tickets. She is in Toronto in June playing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  I have wanted to see her perform in concert since high school.  And the stars have finally aligned.

Listening to this song on repeat, and wondering how I can snag tickets to their secret show in Toronto that 102.1 the Edge is sponsoring.

Wanting to order these two skirts from James Perse.

Loving this website.

 Planning my California trip for a good friend's wedding in April.

Slightly depressed that Rowan got his hair cut at the barbershop this weekend and he is starting to look like a big boy.

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