Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm exhausted

I am exhausted from all the holiday hoop-la that has been going on this past weekend. It doesn't hit full force until next week, so this was just the test run. Saturday was a busy day. A ride on the Santa train, birthday party at chuck e cheese (first time and last time). What a wretched place. This is what hell must look like. And then back to the house to prepare for a UFC party that my husband was hosting.

The train ride was good. I wore the wrong outfit though. No one told me I would have to walk through the snow to get to the train. I wore Jimmy Choo high heeled boots and a cute, but not overly warm, Mackage coat. After watching me attempt to walk in the snow my mother-in-law said "Michelle you and your fashion!"

Snapped some cute pictures of Rowan. He went through a range of emotions while waiting for Santa Claus. He started biting on his fingers, which he does when he is nervous. He smiled. And he also had this blank look on his face with his mouth wide open...zoning out and in his own world. This is the first year that Rowan really understands the whole Santa thing, so it is a treat to watch him.

 Chuck e cheese. Never go there. EVER. Hell on earth.

I had the opportunity to watch James and his crew cheer grown men breaking some arms, and choking people until rendered unconscious. I tell ya, a potpourri of Saturday activities.

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