Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily 2011 - Day 1 to 4

This is going to be a long post with tons of pictures. All scrapbook related.  I am warning you now.

Day 1 - I wanted to do something Christmas related with just James and me. The book last year focused on our experiences together as a family, or specifically about Rowan, and while that is important, it is only a facet of our lives. I want James and me to be represented as well. I should mention James was game for coming home from work and just relaxing. Which I get. He has a super stressful job. But being the good hubby he is, he begrudgingly came along for the ride. I met him for dinner at Lonestar. It is a Mexican restaurant that James and I if possible would like to have their nachos, salsa and queso drip fed into an IV. At this point we were feeling very full and I could have easily have said eff this event and go back home. But I really wanted to meet this blogger who was going to be participating in this event at the West Elm store. She was super sweet. I stocked up on some cute advents that I will attempt to make next year. Here is a link to her website where she provides the templates for free. Check it out.
I am using the Evalicious journal to use as my base. But I have been removing the pages and embellishments that I don't like and using my own. I removed most of the Echo Park paper and replaced it with Crate's Peppermint collection. I am so glad that I did. I love the softer palette. I included the West Elm invitation, Aubrey's business card and the cute little brown and white bags she was selling.

Day 2 - I must have lost a bet with god at some point because I always get sick over the holidays. My sorry ass was feeling ill and depressed until the door knocked and there was my iPad2. I am in love.

 Day 3  - Still sick and had to cancel my hair appointment which I hate doing. I so look forward to having my hair done.  I love it when someone else has to spend an hour blowdrying my hair. I may be guilty of not going to the gym for a few days after getting it done so that I don't have to wash it.

Typical Saturday at the Eaton residence. Lots of playing with Rowan. James had an early evening hockey game so Rowan took a swim in our six foot long bath tub with jets. After about an hour I drug him out because he started to prune. I have been using Elle's Studio Christmas vintage number tags.  The Crate paper brads have been getting a lot of action as well.

Day 4  - We put up the tree. I'll let the journaling do the talking for this one.


amytangerine said...

loving all the different sized pages and all the bits!!

Geralyn said...

Beautiful Michelle! Love that you journaled a lot and the different sized pages are so fun :)

Elise<3 said...

I love that you have incorporated a lot of journaling! I love all the little fun elements too! Can't wait to see the rest!