Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Studio M

James and I had a favourite neighbourhood brunch place while we were living in Chicago. The place was called Hot Chocolate. If you are ever in Chicago I suggest hitting this place up. It will not disappoint. The restaurant also displays local artists' creations for purchase. I fell in love with the painter's first collection at the restaurant and we ended up by these two beauties for our home.

The artist whose name is Michelle started off with a career in the medical field. One day she just had this urging desire to pick up brushes and start to paint. She used to paint in school, but teachers critized her technique. Once she picked up her paints, she never looked back. Love stories like that. Let's just say when we went to her gallery opening, we could only afford special edition prints of these two originals. She'd be popular and doing well now! These two beauties hang above above our bedroom wall.

And these are the ones the slipped out my hands....I so want these.....They have VIOLINS people. They belong to me :)

Check out her gallery at Studio M

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