Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The man behind the curtain

Or in this case, the woman behind the camera, is usually me. Rowan will start to think that he had an absentee mother when he looks back at the oodles of pictures of him and James. But not this weekend. James took the camera and caught a few shots of the two of us together which I am super duper pleased with. We scouted out this location in Toronto. Filled with wooden gates, and vibrant colored cottages and dandelions galore. Score!

And a few I took.....

Booked the tickets to NYC last night. Our friend's wedding is at the NYC Botanical Garden. Talk about swank! And swanky calls for a cute dress..Dress is by Chicago designer Elise Bergman which can be purchased at my friend Rosie's store.


Anonymous said...

Man, those pictures that your husband took are really great.

(not your husband)

Mama Marks said...

that dress is wonderful! hope you have a great time xx