Friday, May 8, 2009

The best presents

a mother could ask for. I am lucky that my lens and I were there to catch it!


meredith said...

Hi Michelle,

This sounds crazy but if you are looking for any new crafty friends to scrapbook with I would love to meet you. I live in Mississauga but I come into the City to shop and visit crafty stores. I saw you on Tara's blog, the photos are amazing. How talented is she. I think she need to take a visit to T.O.

Check out my blog at Unfortunately, my friends aren't really the crafty type so I am usually making on my own but would love to meet more talented individuals. Shoot me an email if you are ever bored.

Thanks Michelle!


Michelle Springer said...

Hi Meredith,

If you can show me how to do one of those killer flower arrangements, I think a meeting could be arranged. I will send you more details via e-mail.


Christie said...

Amazing pic!