Friday, January 9, 2009

A Year Ago.

There was a really sweet post up on the Studio Calico blog about what was happening in a member's life about a year ago. Things have turned upside down and then right side up again in my world this past year. This is my family about a year ago (February 2008). I gained seventy pounds while I was pregnant. About 50 of them in the last three months. I ate everything. Think a box of cereal and a few gallons of milk in one day. And that was by lunch. James loved it. I think he gained a new found respect for me since I have always been a grazer when it comes to eating.

And this is us now. This is the last picture where the WHOLE family was in it. Sad I know. This is from October of 2008. Don't the adults look tired?!

I do have tons of the little bug though. After a year, this is what he looks like now. So cute. I may be a little impartial. I finally feel like I am in a place where parenting isn't so terrifying and overwhelming and I am enjoying the ride. I love this stage of Rowan's life. All full of curiosity and absolute wonder. And that smile. I fall more in love with the little critter every time he flashes it my way.


stephanie howell said...

michelle- you guys are PRECIOUS. and can we discuss how stinkin' cute you looked pregnant? holy cow!! thanks for joining in!

Kimberly said...

rowan is freaking adorable. so wish we could have met.

i read all the way down to the thaland post. god. made me cry! i truly was (and am) happy for all of you...but omg...i missed out on so much! such beautiful photos. breathtakingly beautiful.

and yes. we must have red bull and vodka sometime. definitely.

Marcail said...

Well said Michelle. It is so difficult to describe the process before it begins. Hope to see you all soon.

Monkey Queen said...

Thank-you for checking out my blog! Do you adore redheads because you have one? I don't know how I have the time to scrap at all? And blog, and the laundry gets done?!! But I don't have tv and it's too cold to go out, so anytime kids are asleep I HAVE to create! I hope you enjoy and find some time for yourself...
oh, and I am the monkey queen, but you can call me Kellee! ;)