Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr. Moo

Time to wipe the dust off this old blog of mine to let everyone know that Hurricane Rowan has come to a town nearest me. He has mastered the fine art of crawling and has now set his sights on walking. What this means for James and I is that we are going to have to replace every single piece of furniture in the house within the next few years. There are lovely teeth marks decorating the coffee table in the living room. There are scuffs covering the dark hardwood floors courtesy of Rowan dragging an assortment of toys along them. Even Lola has felt the effects. She's got a new scratch right under her nose. We'll call it a Rowan love scratch.

The bright red cheeks are the result of the massive teething going on. The tangerine nose is all the sweet potato/squash/carrots we have been shoveling into him.


Cath said...

What a cutie!

Helsbells said...

He is very cute. Such cheeky eyes!