Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas came to me early in 2008

Tara finished and sent our Thailand sessions to the girls. It was total déjà vu for me. The feeling that I get when looking at a Tara photo. She's like my crack. I can't get ENOUGH. Her blog entry about the experience was like the cherry on top. She knows how I feel about her. About our friendship. Enough said.

What does bear repeating is the pictures of the girls. May I just say....YOWZA! So allow myself to introduce...themselves! And in the order that I met them. I haven't received copies of my favs from all the girls yet, so you may need to pop over to T's blog to take a look.

Kari - The last picture of Kari is one of my favourite Whitney pics of all time. Which really bothers me since it is BLACK and WHITE! I am partial to T's color coated yumminess. The brighter the better is what I say. But as James and I were looking at the pictures, there are a lot of B&Ws that are favourites. What is up with that? Anywhoo, back to Kari. I love the quirkiness of it. The silliness. But at the same time doesn't she look fantastic?!

Amy - I guess it was no surprise that I like all of Amy's pictures. When you meet her, she just seems like a gal who can take a great photo. And I would do somersaults all day long in my string bikini if I looked like Amy in one! I love that there is not a trace of makeup on the gal. And she looks bloody brilliant.

Jo - It is no surprise that this girl has a special little place in my heart. You can't explain these things. Some people just have a profound effect on you when you meet them. Her friendship is easy. And it is because of this adoration that I love her photos. All of them. I have to admit I love this one the most because it is goofy. Goofy also has a special little place in my heart.

Clare - The first impression I had when meeting Clare is that she seems strong, confident in herself. What a turn on that is! And if I got that all wrong, Clare, keep up the good work, I bought it hook, line and sinker. This picture is another favourite. She reminds me of a superhero controlling the weather here. Like Storm from X-Men. I am jump up and down happy with this picture.

April - The first thing I thought about April after meeting her is that she had gorgeous hair. After getting to know her a little better in Krabi, the second thing I thought was this girl is a no nonsense, straight talker. OMG! I LOVE that! I was around town when she had her session with Tara and I was impressed by how in control she seemed in front of the camera. It seemed easy for her. I knew her photos would be amazing. and they were. She is such a throwback to an era when women were sexy and classy simultaneously. The bottom left picture is my favourite.

Tami - I thought I would be over the fact that Tami looks better in her bathing suit than I do. I have had a couple of days to let this go. Well. I just can't. I'm sorry. I want to be able to say that the reason Tami looks so good is that she hasn't had any kids and that she has oodles of time to work out, and I don't. But that would be a lie. She does have kids. More than I do. Sometimes life just isn't fair :) So here is a stinking picture of Tami looking fabulous in her bathing suit. My only question is why Tami didn't have bathing suit on for the entire shoot. Because I would have. The first pic is my fav...

Doña - Easy, breezy Doña. I had no idea what to expect when I met this woman. I think she likes to take the back seat and enjoy the ride. She is not the loudest gal. Or the goofiest. Or the chattiest. Thank god for people like Doña. She is the ying to my yang. The more I hung out with her the more I liked her. And she left me wanting more. That is the thing about Doña types, they leave you intrigued, and they never over stay their welcome. And what a great artist. She'd never tell you that. But she IS. This girl has my respect. This picture makes me happy!

Oh.....even though this gal didn't have a photo session in Thailand (that I am aware of anyway). I love her too!

Here's to hoping that I see these girls and get to make more magic in 2009!


Mama Marks said...

YAY! it was worth waiting for - love your take on everyone, and still can't get enough of all the photos (and thank you - i feel the same & yes i'm teary!) LOL.
btw, my aunt is in quebec, so cute from all the photos she's been putting up on fb ... had me looking up flight prices last night!

Michelle Springer said...

Quebec is right next to Ontario. I would definitely meet up with you if you decide to visit your aunt. And you always have a place to stay!

clare b said...

Loved this post... you summed up everyone REALLY well! My motto for so long has been 'fake it until you make it'. If that comes off as confident, then I obviously fake it really well :) Thanks love! It was appreciated. Miss you heaps. My favourite pic of yours was probably one of the 'last ones' taken. I never saw the end product, but I was there - and damn!!! STUNNING!

Mama Marks said...

sorry mic, i meant she's on holiday in quebec! (over for some archaelogical conference or something) but don't worry, my mind is whirring and wondering how i can organise it, especially in winter, i love all that snow!!

tamifoulger said...

Thanks for the compliment Mic. I was having a "feeling fat" day and then I read your blog and your comments gave me an instant pick me up. By the way, I have gained 6 pounds since the trip. Hopefully my comment will give you an instant pick me up! oxox Tami

Anonymous said...

this is a brilliant post. love love it. and YOU!

Anonymous said...

oh michelle, i loved reading this-LOVED