Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For Mémère

This one is for Rowan's mémère.

My mother came to Toronto for Halloween this year.  I think this picture is too cute. 

I am hoping this week is going to take a turn for the better at some point.  I was handwashing a sweater in the downstairs sink and the sink literally fell through the marble counter (it is an undermounted sink) and on to the top shelf of the cabinet below it.  Not only did I have to clean up all the water, I got to pay a hefty bill to a plumber who scolded me the whole time he was here fixing it.  By the way, if you have an undermounted sink, make sure you aren't putting too much pressure on it. For example, pressing down on the sink while cleaning or handwashing items.  Apparently when you do this for an extended period of time to an undermounted sink, the adhesive starts to break down and know the rest of the story.

Oh and Lola threw up all over my duvet cover while I was sleeping on Tuesday night....That was the cherry on top.  And it is only Thursday.  Giddy-up.

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