Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Day

I haven't been good about posting my layouts as of late, so this is my attempt to catch up a bit.

Rowan's first day at his French Montessori school. He was so excited to go on his first day, which is why he has the huge smile on his face. He wasn't keen on going a few days in. Way more structured learning than what he was used to at his daycare where he could run around free as a bird. At this point, I would say that he likes it. Wouldn't say that he is loving it, but his mother sure does love when she can hear him sing French songs to himself in the back of the car, or when he is tucked in his bed at night.

A few layouts about Rosie's wedding. I rarely cry, but when Rosie saw her father for the first time on her wedding day, I kind of lost it. I am glad the moment was captured.

And Rowan..being Rowan. He has about a hundred different faces that he makes. He is so dramatic. I think he may end up being an actor or a politician. God, I hope not.


Sarah Webb said...

I like the 'wedding day tears' the most! Wonderful pic! So 'in the moment'.

Christa said...

These are all so pretty! Love the circle grid layout!