Wednesday, August 10, 2011

R's Bachelorette Weekend

I have been meaning to write this post for a while. Time has not been my friend lately. So after months of long distance planning, Rosie's bachelorette weekend finally came to fruition in late May. Her bridesmaids live around the world, so it was a little tricky working out the details, but between skyping to Italy, calls to California and Chicago, we made it work!

The bachelorette was a two day affair. Saturday being the Bachelorette party and Sunday afternoon being the bridal shower. I realize that may not be the best of circumstances considering how much trouble one can get themselves into on the Bachelorette night, but folks were flying in for the affair, so it was best to work both activities into one weekend so the majority of the bridal party could participate.

Saturday was a jam packed day. It started with Amy and I getting up early and running around like chickens with our heads cut off making sure everything would be perfect for Miss Rosie. Things like the gift boxes filled with lip gloss, glitter nail polish and the like.

At two o'clock the girls swang by to hang out at the hotel suite at the James. Seriously. Could there be a more perfect hotel for Rosie? (her husband's name is James). We sipped on champagne and wine, hired a make-up artist to make us look pretty, and had the whole day captured by Krysta, who was such a trooper.

We played silly games, we threw on youtube to show Rosie why we had gotten her a cowbell...She had never seen this Saturday Night Live skit. The horror.

It rained the whole weekend. But you don't get a second opportunity to have someone like Krysta follow you around for the whole day. And it isn't very often that this group of girls gets together, so we went out in the rain...In the feezing rain I may add...I had bought this yellow and white striped Anthropology dress for the occasion. Believe me, this dress wasn't the most practical of choices. Sometimes one must suffer for the greater good.

In the end, I am glad we ventured into the rain, I think some of the best pictures were taken outside.

We piled into a cab, headed back to the suite, changed and toasted the bride to be. Rosie handed out gifts to all the girls. Necklaces with champagne diamonds.

All pictures taken by Krysta Manthe

Then it was off to Maude's for late night dinner and drinks. That is as far as I made it. I lasted until midnight. I turn into a pumpkin after that point. Seriously though, I started to fill very ill at dinner and had to cab it home and curl up in the fetal position in the hotel room. I vaguely remember hearing Rosie and Amy's voices in the early morning...

The next day was a little rough, but it was all made better by the best food EVER that was served at R's bridal shower. More to come on that later...

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