Saturday, November 13, 2010

Roslyn Boutique Fall 2010

I ventured down to Chi-town last weekend to visit my friend Rosie. As soon as I arrived in Chicago it started to hail and then proceeded to start pouring buckets of rain. I managed to get a few shots of Rosie's beautiful store, but the light just wasn't the best, and there was no time to go back because of the ba-jillion bridesmaid dresses I had to try on during the weekend.

I would live in this joint if I could. The displays are amazing.

Elise has set up a little shop in the corner of the store. It is the cutest. But it also is in the very back of the store, so the light wasn't good enough to do her space justice. That's as much blogging as I can muster up today.


Lisa said...

Super cute store. The question is...which bridesmaid dress will it be?

Michelle Springer said...


I have no clue what dress it is going to be. I am leaving it in the hands of Rosie. I tried on so many dresses that I don't really remember what any of them looked like anymore ;) However, I do remember the food! Ah, the food was amazing!