Monday, November 1, 2010


Taking a break from home inspiration to talk about our Spooktacular weekend. Rowan's fireman costume arrived the day before his daycare's Halloween party. It was cutting it very close, even though I ordered it from ebay about three weeks ago. The quality of that outfit was amazing. He wanted to wear it to bed the first night he tried it on. He wore it to the hockey store while James was buying a new stick...You get the point. He wants to wear it everywhere.

Here are little snippets of the Halloween decor. I used the MME Blackbird line to create the little banner that I hung on the fireplace.

I can't begin to explain how many leaves have fallen off the trees. This is Rowan in all his snotty gloriousness. The boy has an obscene amount of buggers lately. Usually, I make sure there are no bats in the cave before I take pictures, but I wanted to take a few au naturel. He'll love these when he gets older ;)

A few pictures of Rowan in his fireman's costume. This was his first Halloween where we went around the block and actually knocked on doors. It was a little overwhelming for him. We managed to hit about eight places before we called it a night and went back to grandma's to pass out candy to the children. That was his favourite part. Giving candy to all the kids and seeing their costumes.

Rowan helping Daddy carve out a pumpkin at grandmas.

Walking through the mass of leaves before trick or treating.

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