Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting Blows

I have always liked the idea of painting. Painting is so fun in theory but is always excruciatingly painful in practice. To clarify, I am talking about painting furniture. Painting walls suck equally. So I get all inspired by these design blogs, letting you know how easy and cheap it is to transform your furniture with just a tiny dabble of paint. For the record, I find it neither cost effective or easy breezy lemon peazy. But painting and I have history, so before I get all excited about going to the paint store to pick up the paint, because honestly that is the only part I like about the painting process, I force myself to do the grunt work. You know, the stuff that I usually sucker James into doing. Like sanding, taping and priming. Ewhh. I hate those words. But since this was "my project" as James so eloquently put it, I decided I would take on those tasks by myself. Actually that is a lie, I wanted James to do it, but he said no.

On to the fun stuff, the paint colours. The shelf in Rowan's room was a stark white before I painted it green. I had the green polka dot on his curtains colour matched at the store. I thought this would add a touch of whimsy and a pop of colour to his room. In actual fact, in blends in better then the white did, therefore it is less noticeable then ever. Score a big fat zero for Michelle.

By the way, can you tell someone is a Maple Leafs fan? This is the one thing that James got excited about when we went shopping for new fixtures for our house. Yes, I know it doesn't match anything. But it was coming in regardless of my opinion. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team. However, I did get pom poms!

There was also a random shelf in my upstairs bathroom that was probably headed for my mother in law's dumpster, and somehow ended up in our bathroom. Many things magically appear in my house that have come from my MILs. It is like the Bermuda Triangle. It gets lost on the way to the garbage and ends up here. Mysterious. The shelf was a boring brown and didn't jive with the bathroom which is all white with notes of blue....So I thought I would have fun and paint it the colour of one of the Crate Paper Restoration borders....I know...Random....The colour is the yellow one... Third one from the left.

And while I was taking pictures of the projects, I wanted to snap a few of Rowan's room for fun..Pssstt..I told Rowan that I painted those birdies....

And the chair that Eeyore is sitting on? It belonged to James when he was a child; it even has James' name carved into it. Beautiful history to that chair.

No more painting projects for me until Rowan turns 30.


Lisa Dickinson said...

i agree, painting does blow, but your projects look wonderful! i am tackling a paint project this weekend - an old table & chairs from my great grandmother's house! fun fun!

Christa said...

Great projects!!
I'm always gung ho about painting at first, then I fizzle out very quickly!