Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Lady is a Vamp

I swear I could have been the next Victoria in the Twilight series. Yes, I know..I am too old to be watching Twilight. Let's move on.

I look a little like death here, I am not going to lie...There was also a steady stream of rain...See I am prepared for the crap weather in Forks.... Some of these jokes aren't going to be as funny if you have not seen Twilight. Maybe if you have seen Twilight they still won't be funny. So go forth and watch what could be one of the biggest tween chick flicks in the universe. Total guilty pleasure.

This is me...

Photo by Krysta Manthe
This is Victoria. And this girl has airbrushing to make her skin that white. She has red hair, although my guess is she is wearing a wig. I could totally stand in for this girl. Victoria also seems to have quite a bit of sass. Check! I have all the bases covered.

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sillypea said...

Love your red hair - and your guilty vampire treat is on my movie shelf as well... we are never too old for that.