Sunday, December 12, 2010


Stank is our nickname for the newest addition to our family. This is because his breath literally smells like broccoli that has been rotting in the garbage for about a week. It's gotta be a gastrointestinal issue. The boy has had his teeth professionally cleaned, is on a dental dog food, and gets his teeth brushed....And it all doesn't seem to make a difference. We love him nonetheless. And by some force of nature, Lola loves him too. It really could have went either way.....I mean, she is the Queen Bean, the princess, our only little girl. In other words, she can be a real prick at times.

They have joined forces to annoy the living shit out of us. Frank barks, then Lola barks. Did I mention I hate barking....So, in my ultra stern voice, I tell them to "shut it". Which Rowan has picked up...My bad. They turn to me to see who it is that is talking to them, realize that is only the woman who is literally the lowest person on the respect totem pole and continue to bark away. They love to torture me.

Then there is all the kissing. They kiss incessantly. Seriously, they need to get a room. It started off as really cute. All...look they are getting along, they like each other. The cuteness is starting to wear off.

I am so thankful that Frank is all settled in, and is feeling comfortable. I know this, because he took Lola on a few days ago....Usually when she is annoyed and decides to rip his face off, he comes a running for a human. But this time, he was taking no mess from the Bean, he actually went back for a second round of whoop ass. Like I said, he's getting comfortable.

And I know that they love me. Because look at how they'll oblige me for a December Daily picture....

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Tonya said...

OMG, that look on your dogs face in that first photo is just precious!